A sensual and giving person by nature,

I love to share my safe space and open heart

for you to explore your sensuality.

I truly enjoy meeting new people

of various background and cultural beliefs ,

welcoming those of all walks of life,

orientation and status. Your privacy and comfort

is of paramount importance to me;

I respect your limitations and conduct

all of my sessions with the utmost integrity. 

I offer a flowing full body warm oil massage

designed and tailored to your needs and desires

an extremely relaxing combination of

everything from feather touch to deep tissue . 


INTIMACY, WHICH IS MY FORTE, is a MUST and comes to me by nature, as I was born under the ruling sign of LOVE, which is VENUS . When you reach me with the intent to work together,you therefor understand and agree that: Money exchanged in legal personal services for this appointment; and adult entertainment is simply for time, companionship, and my coaching with you. There is never anything else that is offered or implied. Anything that may or may not occur is simply a matter of our personal choice; and our personal preferences between two or more consenting adults; who are of legal age and not contracted for. As well, my services are not requested to be contracted out, in any manner. My services are not offers for escort services.. I do reserve the right to decline appointments as I seem fit and deem it to be necessary.

​​AVA! AVA! ,

you’re the sweetest girl ,
More precious than the finest PEARL :
My eyes fix on your tempting lips ,
Your shapely breasts and curvy hips ,
Full well my body understand ,
You have MAGIC  in your hands !
And VENUS gave you all her arts
And Cupid his erotic darts ,
The Graces give you gentle charms ,
And Mother Earth her soothing balms :
The Fates together spun these strands
To put My Body in your hands .
They say that wonders never cease ,
As when you squeezed the King’s codpiece ,
Old Henry swelled in sheer delight
Though long since dead was bolt upright !!!!
He chose him wives from several lands
Without Viagra in their hands !!!